Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Everyone! I'm thinking of switching blogs. I still love this one though plus it's got all my old work on it, so I won't be deleting it, I'll just be posting new work on the other blog instead. Blogspot seems to be making a whole bunch of changes I'm not a huge fan of, which is why I'm trying tumblr out instead. But, if tumblr doesn't work out, I"ll return to old faithful here. SO! If you have a tumblr, and wish to keep following me or whatnot, then please go here ----------->

TAH-DAH! Here's the new tumblr, click click click!

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, 28 April 2013


For those who are interested, I have made a twitter! Check it out here.

all of a sudden I miss everyone

Here's a quick photo of The Sting in the Tale festival's tenth anniversary bookmarks, printed with a couple of the designs I made for last year's brochure. Pretty neat!

Friday, 26 April 2013

turn on the bright lights




 Traffic_Test Walk_Test

So many animation tests, so little time. Here we have a rough of how the tunnel set will work (very rough!), a test for the campfire, a test for a three point turn, a test for traffic and a couple of Bigfoot motion tests. All from me and Louis Craig Carpenter's animation project, whose blog can be found here.

words in the fire

Dawh, look at how cute our cardboard assets are for our lil' animation.



More animation goodies! Here's a supremely rough and slightly too fast version of how the opening set of the animation will be used. It's pretty shabbily done but overall I think the effect we're going for works well!

For more of me and Louis Craig Carpenter's project, go to the project blog here!

Friday, 19 April 2013


GIFS galore! A lot of tiny tests for me and Louis Craig Carpenter's collaborative animation. If you wanted to see the sets we have so far in more detail, then visit the blog for the project HERE! Trust me, there are a LOT of pictures up! I'll be filtering the best of the best through here.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

stop motion

Check it out! Here's a little, extremely rough gif made for me and Louis' collaborative stop motion animation project. The set isn't quite finished, all the trees need to have leaves stuck to them etc, but it's pretty neat anyway! Plus we have to further consider lighting/backdrops/camera angle and many more things. To read and see more about this project, check out the blog we've set up for it HERE! There's a lot more about the whole thing on there.

Friday, 12 April 2013


ALSO! Forgot to add this to the end of the last post... I got featured on a couple of great websites! Click the links to read a bit more about me:

Design Juices

Business Boom Collective

The websites are really cool and feature a lot of amazing artists, so go and have a browse!



Here are a whole bunch of photos of little fat vikings I made in a model making workshop a while ago. I created them by sculpting the first one in Sculpey clay (he's not in the photos because one of his horns fell off), then crafting a box around him and pouring liquid silicone around him. This set and became the mould you can see in the last photo here, which I then used to make all the other colour variations by pouring in resin and letting it set. A lot of fun! I still have the mould, and I want to make a load more and sell them- message me if you happen to be interested in owning a cute little viking man (haha).