Sunday, 27 May 2012


I think these may be the last two drawings I have to do for The Sting in the Tale festival! Wow. The first is for an event called 'Insects and Bugs in the Garden' and the second for 'The Teddy Bears Picnic' (surprise surprise). I think I like the first one here better, but they're not my best, hmm. All of the drawings I've done for this festival have to have colour added on to them by someone else, I think this year the chosen colour is red. I'm not sure how I feel about this, I think that some of them will improve with the colour because they'll become less cluttered and confusing, but also I like them black and white. We'll see anyway! If you're interested in seeing my other Sting in the Tale illustrations, 20 of them are up on here, but so far there are 28 images. Here's a list of clicks to get to my blog entries featuring them:


Plus these last two!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I've recently discovered/been shown a very cool site called Society6 (clickclick), where you can buy affordable art prints and other such wonderful things. Anyways, there are so many cool artists to be found there! Here are some of my favourites for you to take a look at:


............... Plus a whole lot more, I had to try and limit myself so I didn't flood this post. It's a bit flooded anyway.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


Almost finished with this set of drawings now! I think I only have one or two left to do. From the top, these illustrations are for events on: Giant Grumble and the Wonderful Crocodile, The Pirate and the Princess, The Gingerbread Man, The Girl and the Shoes and Sporting Tale Ender (which is about ancient Greek olympics). I think my favourite is the first one. Pretty busy with these again at the moment!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

the quiet crowd

A couple more Sting in the Tale images here, I think I'm almost finished! Under five left to do, I believe. The first one is for a set of stories at Allendale House, so that's the house you see there, and the second one is for some stories set in Wimborne model town, hence the tiny town and person. I do realize the person is a bit out of proportion to the houses but y'know... maybe she's just closer to us. The text in this one says "a great while ago, when the world was full of wonder..."- it's pretty hard to read but I don't mind. I like the second one of these a lot better than the first, not really a fan of the first one. Oh well.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Here are some reworked etchings I did a while ago. They were from an induction workshop, and I screwed up the actual etchings, so I drew over them in pens and such. I kind of like them now! And etching is such a cool process, I think I will definitely be using it again some time.

ghostly anatomy

A few anatomy drawings from my sketchbook, please excuse the messiness. I got this really great book called 'Anatomy for the Artist' recently, such a good book for this type of thing.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

luscious life

Here are a selection of pages from my 'on-the-go' sketchbook (a tiny sketchbook I carry around with me to doodle and such in). All these drawings are either on-location observational drawings, or things from my head. I really enjoy sketching people who are actually there with me, so there are a lot of drawings of my housemates and friends here. The first five drawings were all done when I visited Iceland with my friend this summer... There are also quite a few music doodles. But alas, this sketchbook is full now, I need to acquire a new one!

quick sketchings

 Just some more quick sketches. These ones were all made in a 'No-Nibs' workshop, so no drawing anything out in pencil first, and also no using anything with a nib (pencils pens etc). The first one was chalks, the second ink applied with some dried pasta/old paintbrushes, the last one masking fluid and watercolour. None of them are great, they all took maximum ten minutes. And below are a couple of  quick screen prints of Bob Dylan for my screen print induction, again the original drawing was only five/ten minutes or so. This one was actually for a politics project... I somehow managed to tie in Bob. Good one.