Friday, 29 June 2012

what lies beneath

"You know that feeling you get, when you're standing next to a lake, that there's something there, right underneath the surface? As if it's waiting for you to come closer, just enough for it to grab out and reach you. That isn't just you being paranoid, it's the Lachdruknes. The Lachdrukne is a foul creature, and it will do anything it can to lure you out and drown you. It's not even to eat you, they just enjoy watching the angst in your face as the life slowly runs out of you and into the deep waters. It is said that no one has ever survived an attack from a Lachdrukne. We don't have any good descriptions of what they look like, since those who have been unfortunate enough to meet them won't ever live to tell. Nowadays, people have seem to have forgotten about them. But they're still around, all though they are quite rare. If you do not wish to die a very unpleasant death, take my advice and stay away from the water."

The above paragraph was written by a girl in my class as part of a summetime project we have set up for each other. The theme is hidden creatures, and the idea is that everyone makes up their own creature and writes a paragraph about them and then these paragraphs get randomly allocated to the various people taking part, who then have to interpret them and create an a5 portrait illustration that we will eventually combine and print as zines. Pretty cool!

So I got the above paragraph and drew what you see there. I'm not too sure if it suits it so well, it seems pretty cute for something that likes to watch you die. But then again, no one knows what it looks like, so... The idea was that it doesn't need a mouth as it has no interest in eating you, and instead of dragging you into the water it lures you in with its pretty light, much like a moth. Only when you walk towards it, before you know it you're drowning and staring at that thing's beady eyes. Basically I wanted to avoid the tentacle creature that immediately popped into my head when I read the description. If anyone is interested in reading about the creature that I came up with, here is my paragraph:

"If you were to search the mists that are often found in the forest floor on a cold winter morning, you might come across a lone Nebulark. But even though this creature might sense your presence, it could not in fact see you; it has never developed eyes. Although the form of the Nebulark is vague and often varies between individuals, one cannot call it entirely shapeless- if you were to look carefully, there is some sort of snout there, four angular legs, and a tail longer that the being himself. If you look closely enough, the Nebulark's transparency will even allow you to catch a glimpse here and there of its bones and organs. These lonely creatures can be found wandering aimlessly through the dense, depressing mists of the world, always searching for a mate they cannot see, and probably never will. But watch out; if it were to sense your presence one cold morning, the Nebulark will attempt to lead you from your path and get you lost in the mist- it is simply so lonely, that it would try to keep you there forever, wandering aimlessly with it."

Monday, 25 June 2012

some inspiration


This work is by Mapache Salado (click click), radical. Sorry I haven't been posting a lot of work up lately, I am away from a working scanner you see. So here is someone else's cool work to look at.

Friday, 22 June 2012

all alright

I know I said I was done with all the drawings for 'The Sting in the Tale' festival but I lied. Well I thought I was done, but there was one more left, so here it is. It's for an event called 'Stories From Around the World' which involves Indian hand dancing and such, hence the hands. Now I really think I am done with these drawings!

The first image is just a doodle drawing to test some new pens; I bought some second hand rotring ones (super nice expensive pens, yum) and put white ink in them, they're radical! Inked a rough black background in the sketchbook to draw on, I like the effect.

On a side note, so many good new albums out recently I've been listening to while sketchin', mainly new ones from The Tallest Man on Earth, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and Sigur Rós. Go check em out!