Sunday, 15 April 2012


Some more The Sting in the Tale events drawings, I'm aiming for two a day, which is hard... they take longer than one would think. I have been successful in this until today, where I have failed and done none. Boo.

So the first drawing is for an event called "The Girl Who Became A Boy", the second drawing is for "Tales from the Red House" (an event set in a museum where the audience write their thoughts and experiences of the museum on postcards and they get worked into the story). The third is for "Stories Around a Fire" and the last one for "The Flaming Torch: Champion Olympic Myths and Legends". This one looks a lot better as you see it in the last version, but hey, they have to be upright. The train reference is about Charles Bennet, otherwise known as 'The Shapwick Express', because he was compared to a train because of his running achievements. Hence the train.

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