Tuesday, 1 May 2012

quick sketchings

 Just some more quick sketches. These ones were all made in a 'No-Nibs' workshop, so no drawing anything out in pencil first, and also no using anything with a nib (pencils pens etc). The first one was chalks, the second ink applied with some dried pasta/old paintbrushes, the last one masking fluid and watercolour. None of them are great, they all took maximum ten minutes. And below are a couple of  quick screen prints of Bob Dylan for my screen print induction, again the original drawing was only five/ten minutes or so. This one was actually for a politics project... I somehow managed to tie in Bob. Good one.


  1. Wow, you did very well on Bob Dylan, he looks so much alike him. And I like the one with the beach a lot, the colours are so beautiful...

    1. The Dylan prints were from a really quick sketch without drawing it out first too, so it's not completely spot on... but thanks :) They're all pretty messy but I appreciate your support!