Friday, 17 August 2012


Hullo again! Sorry I haven't posted any art things on here for a while, I just got back from a trip around Norway and Denmark, good times. Anyway, here is a quick doodle sketch I started before I went away and finished just now. I didn't sketch it out before hand with pencil, just launched straight into water colour, and tried to do it as speedily as possible- that's my excuse for it being kind of crooked and not that great (haha). The reason behind this one is.... I wanted to draw someone with freckles, pretty deep.

And there I am in lovely Norway. Inspiring stuff, the nature is completely overwhelming.


  1. Aw lovely ! I've been in Norway in July...and you're right, it's SO beautiful there ! Fiords are magical and people are very friendly :) I will definitely come back there. And the freckled girl is very pretty, i like the colors.
    Cheers :) !

    1. I know it's such an amazing place, being back in the UK the landscape just doesn't compare and everything seems boring! And it's not a particularly great drawing in my opinion but thank you :)