Tuesday, 30 October 2012

these days

Here are a load of variations of potential designs for my current project (and this isn't even all of them). I was just experimenting with a lot of these so they're pretty rough, but I'd like people's opinions on which one is the favourite. I think I like the first one best? I may end up doing some more, so any suggestions are useful.

But why is there a crab superimposed over the top of a face, I hear you ask. Basically, these illustrations all relate to one of the short stories in Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales, which my project is based on. The story is called 'The Fisher-Girl and the Crab' and features a girl who marries a talking crab, but constantly cheats on him because, well, he's a crab. So one day the crab follows the girl to a party and switches bodies with a tree spirit along the way (the tree spirit having the appearance of a 'beautiful boy'), and so the girl falls in love with him. Weird and pretty random, I know.

The original drawings are both made using a biro, which was pretty fun. If anyone is interested, here they are: