Thursday, 8 November 2012

finally we are no one


Here are a couple of work-in-progress type things... I have a lot of different versions of this, but I don't like any of them, the images just don't fit together very well. I've come to the conclusion I'm probably going to have to draw another hyena to work with.

Anyway, this is based on a character in one of the stories in Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales. He's a hyena who's taken the form of a human being, a girl falls in love with him, marries him, and then he tries to eat her. Good times.

Don't pay too much attention to these, there should be some better versions up asap.

Here are the original biro drawings for those interested:


  1. Have you tried flipping the hyena?

    1. Yeah I did, it doesn't look great either in my opinion... I actually have so many versions of this I thought were too crap to show the world haha