Tuesday, 5 February 2013

know your onion

Here are some rough sketchbook pages for my current project, based on the first couple of chapters of my grandmother's book... they'll make more sense once the text is beside them, to explain the narrative. Essentially, the first part of the story you see here is about a young girl (my grandmother) moving from India, where she was born, to Denmark with her family. In comparison to India she finds Denmark very bleak and cold, and so uses her imagination to cheer herself up when she is sad or missing her old home. 

I've been using regular pencil in a lot of places to represent the more realistic, sad or dull parts of the girl's life, and colouring pencils and inks to signify the imagined or exciting aspects- I like the youthful quality they have and textures they create, and I think they might appeal to a younger audience.

These images were to test the thumbnail sketches I'd created and see how they might work with colour, and making them has let me see a lot of things I want to change with them. I'm thinking of implementing a limited colour palette with these as I think there's too much going on at the moment. Not sure what colours yet but we'll see!

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