Friday, 30 March 2012

the canterbury tales

Here's another design for The Sting in the Tale festival of stories. It's to go with an event about The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, which is a collection of stories written in old English, told by a load of people as they go on a pilgrimage to Canterbury- so here we can see some of these people all talking and telling stories at once as they travel.

I made two versions of the drawing, as you can see. Which one is better? I can't decide. They're not too different, the first one has a few extra lines.

Again, no shading allowed here. You're gonna be seeing a lot of drawings similar to this over the next month or so (around 30), so I hope they're liked.


  1. I prefer the second one.

    Nice drawing! What is it about? It looks like an episode from Mio Cid and his horse named Babieca.

    1. I haven't actually read The Canterbury Tales so I'm not too sure, pretty bad right? But from what I gather, it's made up of a collection of stories told by a group of people while they're on a pilgrimage to Canterbury cathedral, and the whole thing is written in old English.