Monday, 12 March 2012

the sting in the tale

Here are my entries for a competition to be this year's illustrator for The Sting in the Tale festival, which is this really cool sounding festival of stories in Dorset. Everything had to be in black and white, without shading, using only black pens. Pretty neat, a nice challenge to try to cut out all shading. The first four strips are made in the format that, if I won, all the drawings would have to be in- and there would be around 35 to do before the end of April! Quite a lot, but I really enjoyed drawing all these. The booklet the winner would be illustrating would be printed around 20,000 times as well, so whoever wins gets published. Exciting times.

**Extra note- I WON! HUZZAH!


  1. These are amazing!
    I absolutely adore the one of the deer!

  2. I love the one of Sarah Jessica Parker and the two kids beneath her! :D