Tuesday, 13 March 2012

some photographers


Here are a couple of photographers found online who are really inspiring. I think their pictures seem really natural and atmospheric, and have a lot of feeling behind them, and you should definitely check out their blogs (click the links) for more great work.

Also, here's a lovely song... you can never listen to enough Elliott Smith:


  1. Oh I love Elliott Smith so much. I'm planning on painting the Figure 8 Lines (http://www.savefigure8.com/elliot-smith-wall-solutions.jpg) on one of my walls.
    This version of Miss Misery is so beautiful. Much better than the one he did at the oscars, I always feel very uncomfortable watching it.
    And great photos :)

    1. Elliott Smith is amazing, and I agree this is one of my favourite songs of his, but only this version. And definately get the lines! They're so iconic

  2. I knew Laura since she's Polish, but I didn't know the second photographer... poor me, his photos are amazing! Also, thanks for your comments, it's really nice to hear that!